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Are you juggling a family, work or both? No time for yourself?

Sick of feeling sluggish, lacking in energy, feeling down or just not your best self?

Are you wanting to take control of your health and wellness but don’t know where to start?

Moss Wellness can help you do this.

Here at Moss Wellness, we believe that there are three main pillars for inspiring wellness.

Eat well

Move well

Feel well

Eat well, move well, feel well and live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

I can help you find a new sense of wellness.

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About Me

More About Me

The essential stuff you need to know

I am a degree-qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I am a Professional Member of Australian Natural Therapies Association.I also have a previous career in corporate Human Resources and 16 years’ experience as a Mum!!!

I faced my own ill-health with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, which led me on a life-changing path using ‘food as medicine’ and healthy lifestyle changes to give me quality of life and wellbeing – so I get chronic illness and disease!!

I firmly believe in understanding what’s important to you and your life. By working together we devise the perfect plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness, whatever that means for you. I believe small changes that fit into your existing life can be a powerful way to find a healthy balance with your body and mind.

The interesting and fun stuff about me!!!!

  • I love to Travel – visiting/discovering new places and cultures and creating memories that last forever
  • I love cooking and eating, especially based around the Mediterranean Diet - but that honestly has only been in the past 10 years. Prior to that I was terrible at cooking and seriously hated it!!
  • I love hanging out with my family – husband, 3 energetic teenage boys and an energetic black Labrador, called Frankie
  • I love Yoga – for the grounding, mindfulness, flexibility and strength it provides me
  • I enjoy Pilates – for strength and resistance work
  • I love to dance – with my Funky Fit Mums class every Wednesday night
    – it makes me so happy!!
  • I love walks, coffees, eating good food & drinking fine red wine with my friends
  • I love and am grateful for nature – the Australian bush, beaches (we do have the best in the world, right here in Australia) and camping in the great outdoors.


What to expect in a consult…

  • You will get my undivided attention, trust, and no judgement – I want to get to know YOU personally, your goals, motivations and barriers;
  • I offer a holistic, in-depth consult and my time – my consults typically last around 60-90 minutes, so there’s plenty of time to get to know you and understand what’s happening in your life. You will not be in and out in 15 minutes;
  • I give recommendations based on up to date current scientific and evidence-based practices;
  • Tailored, personalised and do-able treatment plans - because everyone is different;
  • Education, inspiration, tips and ideas that are easy, practical and simple to implement because - ‘hey’ who has the time for long, complex and boring!!!
  • No calorie counting and no diets, ‘what!!!,’ - that’s right it’s all about real and nourishing wholefoods and adopting a way of life that is sustainable, supports and uplifts you for now and beyond.
  • Health Fund rebates are available, depending on your health insurer.
  • Currently all consults are online via Zoom with the strictest confidentiality and privacy.
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Eat well, move well, feel well and live a happy, healthy and balanced life. I can help you find a new sense of wellness.

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