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Why choose a Nutritionist?

  • As a Clinical Nutritionist, I practice holistic medicine, meaning that a person’s whole body and experience (mind, body, emotions, history, environment and lifestyle) are taken into account to understand the root cause of problems, not just addressing the symptoms. Symptoms are often just your body’s way of communicating to you that something is not quite right. It’s not necessarily just about what food you eat and your lifestyle choices. Age, stage of life, mindset, environmental exposure and more all play a role.
  • I can assist you with a range of health concerns and conditions including managing gut associated conditions, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, skin conditions, immune support, allergies, weight loss, fatigue and energy levels, autoimmune conditions, healthy ageing and so much more.
  • I have a special interest in gut health, in particular the gut-brain axis link, women’s’ health, mental health and developmental disorders (including in children).
  • I offer nutrition consultations for disease & symptom management, preventative and complementary therapy that is specific to your age and stage in life i.e. menopause;
  • As a Clinical Nutritionist, I am a professional member of ANTA and as such am required to complete ongoing, up-to-date professional training & development.
  • I’m able to access Practitioner-only supplements.
  • I am also registered for Pathology testing, functional investigative testing and BIA analyses - for routine pathology tests, hormone health, food allergy and intolerance testing, gut health, mental health, weight management and so much more.
  • Several private health funds offer rebates on nutrition consultations by a Clinical Nutritionist. 
  • A Clinical Nutritionist offers a one-stop, in depth, holistic experience.